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MY RESPONSIBILITY: Your e-mail address and personal information will not be shared with third parties. The technology I use is up-to-date to keep your information safe. I do not see your credit card information when it is processed. Security settings on SKYPE can be viewed at I use SKYPE for Chat, Telephone, and SKYPE + webcam. E-mails are sent and received from my site’s server. This information is secure and encrypted. Information about the strength of SSL certificates and website security can be found at

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Be careful how you store your therapeutic e-mails and chat room transcripts. Use and guard your passwords to protect yourself from unauthorized access. You may consider deleting e-mails and transcripts you don’t want anyone to see, once you delete remember to empty your trash can!! If you make hard copies, keep them secure. REMEMBER if you send any mail from your workplace computer, those belong to your employer.

PRIVACY MATTERS: There are limits to privacy and confidentiality.

  • The law requires that I report any evidence of child or elder abuse or neglect. This is reported to your Department of Social Services which may be known as the Department of Children and Family Services in your state.
  • If you are going to harm yourself or anyone else, I am required to report that to the police. In the case of harm to another, that is reported to the police as well as to the other person. I am also required to follow law enforcement and professional guidelines to take other measures deemed necessary to prevent harm to you or to another person.
  • Information we share may be subpoenaed by a court of law, in that case the court order and judge’s order to produce records would force compliance on my part. (This is true in any type of therapeutic exchange). 
I understand and agree to the privacy policies above. If I have any questions, I will contact Dr. Travis with my concerns.
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