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Internet Counseling/Coaching Agreement
Positive Psychology-It’s Time


  1. Phone contact/ Internet Chat will be at the scheduled time.
  2. It is your responsibility to be available unless prior arrangements have been made. Missed calls and chats are not made up unless prior arrangements have been made. If you want to reschedule, you will give Dr. Travis 24 hours notice via e-mail. 
If you will be taking calls at another number, that number will be e-mailed to Dr. Travis 24 hours prior to the scheduled call.

You will always make your own decisions. I will listen, support, guide and assist you to make any changes you desire. You have the tools and the power to move ahead as quickly or slowly as you wish and you have the right to make decisions concerning the pace of counseling.

It is your responsibility to inform me if at any time you are not comfortable – if you feel that things are going off track. I will be open to your concerns and promise to hear you so that we can move forward again.

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