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CYBERPSYCH is a secure site for online professional counseling and/or coaching.  The first thing to decide is whether online therapy is right for you.  In order to have a satisfying and productive online experience there are things to consider. 

First you choose your preferred medium:

  • E-Mail:  You must be comfortable with technology, have a reliable and secure online mail account, and the ability to express your thoughts and feelings using the written word. 
  • CHAT:  You must be comfortable with the technology and have access to SKYPE for secure chats.
  • SKYPE + Webcam:  You must have a computer with a microphone and a webcam.  You must have access to SKYPE and be comfortable using the service.
    **SKYPE is a subscription online service that gives you access to landlines and cell phones in the U.S./Canada/Mexico and Worldwide.
       Check it out at

The second thing to consider is how secure your information (both personal and payment information) will be:

  • Check your computer's firewall and virus protection plans
  • Check your online service for security
  • If you get a SKYPE account, check that for security
  • Check your method of payment (PayPal, for its encryption and protection
  • Next it's time to Get Started:
  • Four Steps:
  1. Complete the combination Counseling/Coaching Submission form and the Online Questionnaire.   The Counseling/Coaching submission form describes your present challenges and what you hope to gain from our exchanges(s).  The Online Questionnaire gives me some background information.
  2. Complete the Counseling/Coaching Agreement.
  3. Read and sign the Confidentiality Agreement.
  4. Use the Secure shopping Cart to Pay for the package you choose 
After using the secure shopping cart to pay for the package of your choice, you will get an email within 24 hours containing detailed instructions to get started with Cyberpsych.

Copyright 2013: Mary Travis, PhD