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CyberPsych:  Chat Therapy, E-Mail Counseling, Virtual Groups
Using the TPS site for internet therapy assures security for your information and professional assistance as you uncover your singular strenths and inner wisdom.  We can meet in a chat room, meet in a SKYPE call with a webcam, simply use SKYPE for calls.  E-mail counseling uses delayed interaction and feedback.  This can give you time to clarify an issue and reread before sending it.  You have a cache of all conversations about that issue.  You can also take time with the feedback - think it over before responding. 

Copyright 2013:  Mary Travis, PhD 
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E-Group Discussion Forums

Public Forums:

  • Trichotillomania Support (Adult Pullers and Parents of Pullers)
  • Gifted Support (Support for parents of the gifted)
Private Forums:
  • Trichotillomania Problem Solvers (TPS)  Clients enrolled in the trich group at present and former participants in a trichotillomania group)


Copyright 2013: Mary Travis, PhD