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Penzel, Fred The Hair-Pulling Problem: A Complete Guide to Trichotillomania

Foxwell, Amy   Eyelash Pulling:  How to Cure Eyelash and Eyebrow Trichotillomania



Meditations for Kids

Garth Maureen.   Moonbeam: A Book of Meditations for Children
Garth, Maureen.  Starbright--Meditations for Children
Garth, Maureen. The inner garden:meditations for life from 9 to 90.


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Lost in Meditation: Meditative Gregorian Chants
The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World … Ever!
Tune Your Brain with Tchaikovsky: Cleanse
Tune Your Brain with Beethoven: Uplift



Wilens, Timothy E., M.D.(1998) Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids . The Guilford Press.




Adult Learning Disabilities and ADD


McDermott, D. & Snyder, C. (1999). Making Hope Happen: A Workbook for Turning Possibilities into Reality . Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Books.    
Wren, C. (2000). Hanging by a Twig: Understanding and Counseling Adults With Learning Disabilities and Add . New York: Norton & Company.





Golom, Ruth & Vavrichek Sherri, The Hair Pulling "Habit" and You: How to Solve the Trichotillomania Puzzle, Revised Edition
Keuthen, Nancy J.  Help for Hair Pullers: Understanding and Coping With Trichotillomania
Penzel, Fred. The hair-pulling problem: A complete guide to trichotillomania.



Beane, Allan. The bully-free classroom: Over 100 tips and strategies for teachers K-8.
Romain, Trevor (illustrator), & Verdick, Elizabeth (editor). Bullies are a pain in the brain.
Thompson, Michael. Mom, they’re teasing me: Helping your child solve social problems.
Preschool Bullies
Hands Are Not for Hitting -- by Martine Agassi Ph.D., Marieka Heinlen (Illustrator); Paperback
Teeth Are Not for Biting by Elizabeth Verdick, Marieka Heinlen (Illustrator) (Hardcover - May 2003)
The Secret Language of Children: How to Understand What Your Kids Are Really Saying by Lawrence E., Ph.D. Shapiro (Hardcover - May 2003)
Betty Stops the Bully by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Steve Harpster (Illustrator)


Adolescent Behavior

Phelan, Thomas, Ph.D. Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 Year Olds
Smith, Tim. 7 Cries of today’s teens: Hearing their hearts and making the connection.
 Shandler, Nina. Ophelia's Mom: Loving and Letting Go of Your Adolescent Daughter

Tracy, F., & Tracy, Louse Felton. Grounded for life: Stop blowing your fuse and start communicating.




ADD/ADHD in Adolescent Girls and Adult Women

Nadeau, Kathleen, Understanding Girls With AD/HD
Dendy, Chris Zeigler.  Teaching Teens With Add and Adhd: A Quick Reference Guide for Teachers and Parents
Pipher, Mary. Reviving Ophelia: Saving the selves of our adolescent girls.
Simmons, Rachel. Odd girl out: The hidden culture of aggression in girls.
Wiseman, Rosalind. Queen bees and wannabees: How to survive the cliques, gossip, boyfriends, and other realities of adolescence.
Gianette, Charlene. Cliques: 8 Steps to help yourchild survive the social jungle.


Gifted Children

Hirsch, Gretchen, & Strip, Carol Ann . Helping Gifted Children Soar: A Practical guide for Parents and Teachers 
Miller, A. Drama of the Gifted child: The Search for the True Self (appropriate for adolescents and adults)
Winner, Ellen. Gifted Children: Myths and Realities 
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