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Parents below you can find many helpful articles to better understand your child.

  • The Benefits of Paying Privately for Therapy View some of the benefits of paying privately for your therapy. This article addresses some common cautions everyone should have with insurance companies. 
  • Good Social Skills Improve Learning and Safety: Tips for Parents
  • Is Your Child Gifted?
    Is your very bright child “gifted” as schools define the term and what does this mean for you and your child? It is estimated that anywhere from 2-20% of the school population is gifted based on measures of IQ, academic success, creativity, leadership ability, visual, dramatic or physical gifts. In order to be eligible for a special program a child must fit the particular school system definition of giftedness. more
  • Coach Yourself Hopeful!
    As a personal and business coach I encourage my clients to foster their inner resources and build on their personal strengths to reach their goals. more
  • Does My Child Have a Learning Disability?
    Learning disabilities are usually tested for and diagnosed when a child’s achievement in school is significantly below what you would expect based on age, the child’s educational experience and level of intelligence. However, low achievement doesn’t mean a child has a learning disability. more
  • Both at risk for problem behaviors
    A new study from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development indicates that bullying is not an isolated behavior but a sign that children may be involved in more violent behavior. more
  • Will My Public School Accept it?
    A parent called the other day to ask whether a private test would be accepted by her son’s school. more
  • Coach or Counsel Yourself Positive!!
    A new focus in psychology, positive psychology, has given me a new perspective on the business of children and families. more
  • Trichotillomania: Compulsive Hair Pulling
    Trichotillomania is compulsive hair-pulling which results in significant hair loss. more
    Social skills are not a matter of chance. The skills for getting along with others can be modeled and taught. more
  • Trauma & Children
    All of us today are coping with a tremendous amount of insecurity and fear. The threats of renewed terrorist attacks, preparing for war and the state of the economy have us all on edge. more
  • Bullies at Work: Are you a Target? WHY?
    Are you the Target for the bully in your workplace? If so you have experienced cruel acts, deliberate humiliation, ostracism, and the withholding of resources and support. more
  • School News ADD
    Assessing for ADD/ADHD: . . .
    Adult ADD: . . .
    TRIPLE WHAMMY!! Gifted/Learning Disabled/Attention Deficit Disordered: . . .

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