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My Perspective

"I believe in positive psychology. Any focus on deficits and disorders ignores the creativity, hope, future-mindedness and wisdom of all people. Deficits and disorders are many times the best adaptive response we have available to cope with an unresponsive environment. It is useful to identify weaknesses, but long-term individual success only comes from building on strengths".-Mary Travis


About Body Focused Repetitive Disorders (BFRBs)
Mary Travis
My name is Dr. Mary Travis and I’m happy to welcome you to this web site. I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and hold a license to practice in the state of Florida. Academic credentials include a PhD in Human and Organizational Development, an Ed.S. (70 hours beyond the Master’s level) in both Gifted Education and School Psychology, and a MA Degree in both Education and Human Development.  
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I work with issues of learning and motivation across the life-span. School Psychologists have specialized training in child development, adult development, and educational assessment and consultation. I work from a systems perspective to address issues with individuals, groups, and organizations. I collaborate with clients to identify their goals and design a program to meet those goals. As an independent service provider in the Central Florida area Travis Psycho-Educational Services, (TPS) Inc. tailors each intervention to the specific needs of the client in each situation. Approaches are unique to individuals, with the added value of the close collaboration you and I have before, during, and after service delivery. You can be sure that nothing, from generating a report, to planning interventions, and locating resources , will be "subbed out" or given over to a generic "one size fits all" computer generated report or counseling/coaching program.

Menu of Services

In a time of economic uncertainty and "crazy busy" lifestyles, individuals and families need flexibility in the services they choose. Due to the recession, TPS cut all fees by 10% beginning August 1, 2008. In addition, I am now offering a menu of services including cyber services so you can mix, match, and come up with an effective program that is neither a budget buster nor a stress producer.

  • Assessment (Psycho-Education Evaluations) in academic skills, learning strengths, personality, attention, and emotional development to plan educational programs as well as eligibility tests to qualify for special education services.
  • Consultation regarding healthy alternatives to strengthen working relationships.
  • Intervention planning to optimize learning and social adjustment
  • Proactive prevention programs to promote health, mental health, tolerance, and appreciation of varied learning and behavior styles. Programs to empower all members of a school or corporate community and eliminate the need for damaging bullying behavior.
  • Counseling to help children and adults deal with ADD/ADHD and / or SLD. These two labels, often misunderstood, can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-concept and insecurity. Adults with learning disabilities and / or ADD may have internalized childhood messages (lazy, unmotivated, never listens) and experience difficulty in jobs or relationships as a result.
  • Counseling for Trichotillomania – Trichotillomania (“trich”), the recurrent pulling out of one’s hair resulting in noticeable hair loss. My counseling approach uses Habit Reversal Training combined with strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, negative self-talk, and self-blaming. I also work with related body-focused disorders such as skin picking (Trichaderm). Groups are available including a free support group available for parents of children with trichotillomania (“Trich”) and adults who have ”trich.” A professionally facilitated group for younger people with “trich” is available for a fee.
  • On-site counseling and CyperPsych services are available to clients in the Central Florida area and beyond. An alternative to on-site services is therapeutic e-mail exchange, chat, and virtual therapy. Virtual exchanges help you address issues of concern under the guidance of a professional. There are distinct advantages to virtual counseling or coaching. Look for these on the CyberPsych page of this website.

All assessments are done for information and intervention planning. In some instances an individual may qualify for special services (Gifted, Specific Learning Disability), but the profile of learning strengths and weaknesses that guides cooperative educational plans is infinitely more important than composite scores on an individual test. This is true for assessment of personality, emotionality, and ADD/ADHD as well. Tests are for information and making plans. They are not meant to label  and limit  individuals.

Mary Travis, PhD